Aug 22 • 22M

Attendance Part 2

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Greg Cawsey
For people who support our public schools but want real talk about the issues they are facing. Everyone has an opinion, but few are without an agenda. Tackle today’s hot button issues so you can get a balanced view to inform your own. New episodes weekly.
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So switch things up this week and discuss the issue of attendance with respect to teachers. The number of teacher sick days gets the attention of many, but Greg explains why he doesn’t believe that is the main concern.  

The real issue I believe is the number of things pulling teachers out of the classroom.  School day extracurriculars, board pd sessions, field trips all contribute to your child’s teacher not being at the front of the class as often as they should.  With the shortage of qualified teachers the fall off has never been greater between the assigned certified subject teacher and some random supply.  

Solutions? Can start with making the instructional part of the day sacrosanct and not planning or running  activities during this time.